Ecuadorian Men From A Single Girl’s Perspective

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29 septembre 2020
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29 septembre 2020

Ecuadorian Men From A Single Girl’s Perspective

The drawback of teenage being pregnant is largely a result of promiscuity and permissive sex training, Arias stated. Lydia Andrés marches in support of gender equality along with her daughter. Ecuador has one of many highest charges of teen being pregnant in Latin America. Vera puts the state’s eagerness to punish abortion in stark distinction with its tepid response to femicide and sexual violence, both of which are rampant. She mentioned the current trial of a taxi driver accused of raping a woman at knifepoint, during which the judge brandished a knife on the victim, mocking her for her worry. “It does not matter if you’re a victim or if you’re being prosecuted—in case you are a girl, the justice system will deal with you in a a lot stricter way than a man,” she stated.

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But the post-mortem report was missing a number of items of crucial information—the burden of the physique, for example, which might be used to find out whether or not the fetus was sufficiently old to be viable. According to legal documents, doctors initially dated the fetus at 20 weeks, which means it couldn’t have survived. After Surkuna’s lawyers pointed out these omissions, the prosecution produced a modified report, which mysteriously supplied the missing data. “Where is she getting that information if she doesn’t have the physique, and why did she not put it within the first exam? ” mentioned Vera, referring to the pathologist who carried out the autopsy.

Many medical doctors who suspect women of having had an abortion report them to the authorities. Aguinda grew up in a distant a part of Ecuador’s northeast, near the border with Colombia.

Former president Rafael Correa was elected on the promise of a “residents’ revolution” but took a hard-line place on reproductive rights. Although abortion was deeply stigmatized and sometimes dangerous, it was thought-about a private matter. Then, beginning about a decade ago, when feminists and the spiritual proper clashed publicly over legal reforms, women in search of medical attention for abortion complications or other obstetric emergencies were all of a sudden topic to unprecedented scrutiny.

Since then, abortion-related investigations and prosecutions have escalated sharply. Between 2009 and 2014, Ecuador’s public defender recorded forty instances of ladies prosecuted for abortion. Since 2015, based on authorities knowledge, prosecutors have investigated a minimum of 378 cases—including eight in January 2019 alone.

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Ana Vera and her colleagues at Surkuna have fought for women prosecuted for abortion. Once inside, they ransacked the premises, on the lookout for incriminating documents, yelling that folks should know what was going on there. The skirmish turned bodily when the female intruder tried to tug a set of keys from the palms of one of García’s assistants. “After the attack, we began to consider closing down,” García said. They stopped providing surgical procedures, providing medical abortions solely.

She lived with her 4 siblings, her mom, and her mom’s abusive companion. Sometimes her mom would take the children to a neighbor’s house to get them away from the fighting. One evening, Aguinda and her brother ran away and obtained misplaced in the black, humming forest. Starting when she was 6 or 7, she was sexually abused by three relations—considered one of them her older brother, one other the husband of an aunt with whom she’d been sent to stay in Guayaquil.

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As the two sides fought, the clock on the investigative interval ran out. In another case that Surkuna is concerned with, a 31-12 months-old girl gave start at her residence in Quito.

The lady testified that she handed out almost instantly and heard no cries from the child. When she awoke, it was to a lifeless physique, which she hid within the closet out of concern. She was hemorrhaging, and her partner took her to a hospital where, based on Vera, the docs withheld treatment for a number of hours. Police officers arrived and interrogated her till she told them where to seek out the remains. Based on an post-mortem, images, and a lung-float take a look at, the prosecutors claimed the baby had been born alive, full time period, and then smothered; they charged the lady with homicide. Quito’s Maternidad Isidro Ayora is a large public maternity hospital in Ecuador.

Surkuna petitioned for an exhumation, however the prosecution resisted. Finally, the group obtained a decide to order it—solely to have the prosecution appoint the identical pathologist to conduct the exhumation. Surkuna objected, and in turn the prosecution argued that it was actually Surkuna that was stopping the exhumation from continuing.

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