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Fish Geeks We We We Blog. Contact Fish Geeks for Expert Guidance

Fish Geeks We We We Blog. Contact Fish Geeks for Expert Guidance

step one is determining you want a tailor made aquarium, that is the effortless component.

After the choice happens to be built to construct a custom aquarium system, a lot of people have a concept if they would like a saltwater aquarium, high-end reef tank, or maybe a easy freshwater aquarium. The sort of underwater creation which you use to construct your aquarium that you plan to contain in your custom aquarium can impact the type of material.

The objective of this short article is to look at your options that are offered to you as you start your customized aquarium task. Listed here is some information that will help you make your choice.


Undoubtedly the product most often used to construct aquarium tanks is cup. Glass is obviously manufactured heating sand that is ordinarywhich can be mostly silicon dioxide) to 1700 degrees celsius (3090F). As of this heat, the sand will literally liquefy. The sand that is liquefied poured over tin dishes to create panes of clear cup. We are all familiar with when it cools, the material is transformed into the transparent amorphous solid that.

Along with glass that is standard which includes an aqua/green hue (specially visible whenever seen through the end of a panel), there’s also a more transparent glass option available. Low-iron glass, often marketed ‘Starphire’ cup is far clearer than standard cup. (see image)

Have a look at this video that is awesome the make of cup panes.

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Gaining in popularity may be the construction of custom built acrylic aquariums. Prior to going too much in-depth concerning the advantages and disadvantages of using acrylic to develop a customized aquarium, its crucial that you be clear on precisely just just what product i will be talking about utilizing the term ‘acrylic‘.

The word ‘acrylic’ does not simply relate to a type that is single of, there are many different forms of acrylic. Acrylic can be referred to as‘polyacrylate’, nonetheless polyacrylate is really one of the greater typical kinds of ‘acrylic’. Acrylic is made of two fundamental categories of particles, methyl methacrylate and/or polymethyl methacrylate. Plexiglas, Lucite, Perspex, and Crystallite are brands of polymethyl methacrylate kinds of acrylic.



*It is very important to notice that unlike glass aquariums, scratches in acrylic CAN be eliminated by using a buffing procedure. Whereas scratches in cup are pretty much permanent.

  • Due to the propensity to scraping, you’re going to be restricted to synthetic along with other acrylic-safe cleansing product and/or equipment, and steel blades (also non-sharpened) can not be used in combination with acrylic aquaria.
  • Cost – there’s simply no navigating around it, acrylic is high priced. Furthermore, aside from a couple of nano that is small available on the market, many sizable acrylic aquariums are custom manufactured. Which means the materials price is far more very likely to vary with market costs…which can especially be significant as time passes.
  • Yellowing – Yes, acrylic can yellow in the long run, according to the sort of acrylic getting used. Make sure to concern your aquarium that is acrylic manufacturer make sure that non-yellowing acrylic has been quoted for the custom aquarium develop.

    Other factors to help make whenever considering which product to decide on will be the measurements regarding the decoration once it is completed that you plan to add to your aquarium. With all the rise in popularity of DIY aquarium backgrounds and 3D backgrounds available for purchase, it ought to be noted that acrylic aquariums frequently have an access that is restricted specifically ordered otherwise). This could make installing synthetic reef that is coral or DIY history inserts quite the task, or even impossible, in certain custom built acrylic aquariums.


    There are lots of customized aquarium manufacturers which will attempt to sway you towards the material which they use to produce tanks that are custom. Obviously, they will have a bias. There merely is not any ‘better’ option for materials whenever building a customized aquarium. The ‘best’ material for the customized aquarium installation hinges on the particular pair of circumstances for that custom that is particular develop.

    The right product for your customized aquarium build is determined by the look of vietnamcupid reviews the aquarium system. Because cup is more scratch acrylic and resistant is effortlessly practical, we usually have customized glass aquarium constructed and certainly will hire a custom created acrylic sump or refugium, obtaining the a lot of the product we choose for every single component.

    For large customized aquariums, it is quite typical to use acrylic. The primary explanation is above a hundred or so gallons, custom glass aquaria are much too hefty to be moved by man-power alone. Hence because of the prerequisite of technical help, the logistics of setting up big customized glass aquariums is typically cost prohibitive.

    Another consideration that is big whether or perhaps not you intend to own a reef aquarium in this tank. It appears quirky, but I’ll never ever voluntarily place a reef in an tank that is acrylic. The blend of high light levels, coralline algae development, sand, and high objectives, combine to make the prospect of suitable a reef in the customized acrylic aquarium notably unappealing. Through the viewpoint of someone who cleans the interior windows of aquariums small and big, cup causes my task plenty easier. Therefore it shall do this for you personally also.

    But, when you yourself have a unique concept for an aquarium which has a unique form, acrylic is probably your most useful product option. Custom tank manufacturers can perform numerous various sizes and forms. Furthermore, acrylic may be drilled and modified reasonably effortlessly. When you yourself have a truely innovative aquarium concept, possibly acrylic could be the best way to construct the custom fish tank of the desires.

    The insight and experience a customized aquarium installation specialist may have in your bespoke build can’t be understated.

    I’ll close with a suggestion that you search for qualified advice when attempting to make a determination that may have a significant effect on your money. In the place of trying to find discount aquariums or looking for someplace that may offer wholesale aquarium sales direct to the general public, your aim ought to be to get the aquarium expert that is best in your town. The insight and experience a customized aquarium installation specialist may have in your bespoke build can’t be understated.

    Should this be very first multi-hundred gallon aquarium it might probably behoove one to have a conversation with a good neighborhood seafood shop or expert aquarium solutions business such as Fish Geeks. Getting a trustworthy aquarium maintenance company that is additionally qualified to go over bigger aquariums can be a challenge. It really is specially prudent to include a seasoned aquarium pro who are able to look at the web site of one’s custom aquarium build and work out guidelines with a few specificity. Even though you include their consultation or expert advice in the earliest stages of the planning process if you decide to employ a 3rd party aquarium manufacturer, a professional fish tank installation service can save you a great deal of hassle.

    Best of luck in your quest to create the aquarium of one’s desires, whether that tank is cup rimless aquarium planted in the character aquarium design or you want to surprise the entire world with twin acrylic reef aquariums, the entire world can be your oyster. You simply require good plan. As well as a good aquarium display, that foundation may be the tank.

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